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Giving +

As a way to give or as the saying goes, 'pass it on'. I have started to use my expertise to build FREE websites and/or branding projects. Depending on the size of the project I will do it completely for free. Larger projects on the other hand may have to pay something, but it will be a minimal token amount.

I aim to work on a free project every 2-3 months. If you are interested please contact me.

I am particularly interested in projects for people that really need it but can't afford it. I have a bias towards Christian organizations, charities, and renewable energy programs.

Tell me your story

* Please do not contact me if you are just looking for a quick freebie. Your story needs to compel me.
** If you are an agency you can put forward your client - but I want to communicate directly with the client throughout the project build. No third party communication please.

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