Digital CV

I consider myself a UI/UX front end developer.

I Just recently finished working for a media company (in Norway). I was in charge of the development team and it is was my responsibility all website projects were delivered on time, but most importantly without errors.

I’m a perfectionist and take great pride in producing clean working code, that I have tested thoroughly myself. Being the lead for other developers, I know first hand how frustrating it can be when they deliver projects without testing. So I did a lot of QA testing in my previous role.

I always want to aim for 100% scores in various testing sites like Google PageSpeed scores, GTmetrix, and lighthouse (accessibility testing tool). My website here has maximum scores on all 3 of these testing sites for example. This article on how I reached number one in Google rankings will help clarify my point further.

I am an expert in accessibility WCAG 2.0 as it is a legal requirement in Norway. In addition to accessibility, I also focus strongly on the user experience and how the website works on a functional level. It is for this reason I label myself a UI / UX developer.

So when I am building a website or leading a project, my sole purpose is to produce a website that is accessible and user-friendly.

Every single project I work with uses GIT and gulp. So I have plenty of experience in these areas as well.


My previous career saw me reach a very healthy and successful peak within the world of Osteopathy. A career I poured everything into and can walk away having achieved the very top levels.

Transferrable skills from that career to web development.

  • Extremely effective communication skills.
  • An effective teacher.
  • An authority figure.
  • Making difficult decisions.
  • Ability to diagnose and problem solve.
  • Taking responsibility in and of a scenario.
  • Highly professional.
  • Man/team management.


Thank you for your time.
Please feel free to give me a call any point.

You can read a more informal biography on my about page here.