For many years now I have had a passion for design and website creation. It has always been there, even as a child, but it really kicked off when I built my first website.

I built this website with Wordpress back in 2014. A solo effort filled with hundreds of mistakes. I was immensely proud of my achievement. Sure it died 8 months later, but the whole experience was so much fun.

At the time my career was in health care treating as an Osteopath. This was a career I actually took a lot of satisfaction in. However, my desire for something 'extra' was ignited. My entertainment always came from watching a website video rather than reading about a particular disease.

Many moons later I moved to Canada at which point I embarked on making my second website. This time I focused on SEO so I could use the website as a proper tool for my business. Again after many learning curves, I produced a working site.

Within 6 months my website reached number 1 in Google for my city and number 2 in my neighboring city. The pride I felt for hitting this monumental achievement was overwhelming.

You can read the full story here of How I reached number one in Google rankings.

Unbeknown to me at the time, this was actually the beginning of the end for my career as an Osteopath. Since that moment I started to self-learn web-developement, coding, and design. Anything I could get my hands on was consumed.

I did eventually 'officially' quit Osteopathy (a 10-year career) back in July 2018, in pursuit of becoming a front-end developer.

I love my job and I have the great privilege of being one of those people that live to work rather than work to live. Sure I miss Osteopathy and helping people. It was a great experience.

My real heart and passion lie in creating products for people and helping others grow their business as a result.

I have lived in both Canada and Norway, but now I have settled in the UK with my wife and 2 children.

I am currently a project manager for a digital agency in Norway. In my spare time, I love to build websites for people and rebrand businesses.

Please feel to check out my coding projects here or at either Github / Codepen. You can also see my client work here.

If you would like to work together or if you just need some advice please feel free to send me an email. I would love to hear from you.